PLC Support

When Your Process Can't Be Down

Every manufacturing plant has challenges, especially pressure for nonstop production to meet customer demands.  If downtime presents a critical problem in your process, you should consider a service agreement provided by the LT Software Solutions, Inc. (LTSS) Technical Support Team.  We will customize a service agreement to fit your exact needs. Agreement options range from simple phone support to a full blown 24/7 service agreement.

Obsolete Product Support

Our large stock of difficult, to impossible, to find Siemens S5® and TI components has helped many of our customers, as well as our skill of supplying partial upgrades when full conversions may not be possible for such obsolete models. Also, see our Systems Upgrades page to retain and optimize old machinery assets. 

Onsite Preventative Maintenance

  • Once every 3 months - Backup the control and process data on all PC Systems connected to PLCs in production facility
  • Once every 6 months – Review your control scheme and make recommendations for improvement in production throughput or to reduce downtime
  • Once every 24 months – Replace all PLC batteries 

Remote Technical Support

LTSS will:

  • Install your automation software and remote connection software on your laptop
  • Provide all cabling required for remote connection
  • Train and instruct your personnel in the operation required on your side of remote link 

Onsite 24/7 Technical Support

LTSS will establish a single contact person to provide support for you and your company.  For service needs during regular business hours LTSS will return your call that day and have an engineer onsite within 4 hours.

For service needs after hours (nights & weekends) LTSS will return your call within 2 hrs and will have an engineer onsite within 4 hours.