Siemens S5 Parts

LT Software has a broad selection of Siemens Step 5 (S5) parts in stock


If your Siemens Step 5 system is down we can help.  We have parts in stock for the Siemens Step 5 155U, 135U, 115U, 101U, 100U, and 95U line of controllers and I/O.

We don't just have Siemens Step 5 spare parts, we also have the Know-How and all of the software to get you back up and running quickly.

Call (603)431-5877 today for a quote on any Siemens Step 5 component you may need.



Some of the parts we have in stock


  • 6ES5948-3UB13    -   Siemens 155U CPU
  • 6ES5928-3UA12    -   Siemens 135U CPU
  • 6ES5944-7UB21    -   Siemens 115U CPU
  • 6ES5095-8MA31    -   Siemens 95U CPU

I/O Cards

  • 6ES5420-4UA11    -  Siemens S5 32 Point 24 VDC 155U / 135U Input Card
  • 6ES5420-7LA11    -   Siemens S5 32 Point 24 VDC 155U / 135U Input Card
  • 6ES5430-7LA12    -   Siemens S5 32 Point 24 VDC 115U Input Card
  • 6ES5434-7LA11    -   Siemens S5 8 Point 24 VDC 115U Input Card

Network Modules

  • 6ES5525-3UA11    -   Siemens S5 155U/135U/115U Serial Card
  • 6GK1143-0AA11    -   Siemens S5 155U/135U/115U Ethernet Card
  • 6ES5521-8MA11    -   Siemens S5-95U/100U Serial Card

WF Motion Modules

  • 6FM1706-3AB20    -   WF 706 Positioning and Counter Module, 6 Channels
  • 6FM1726-3AA00    -   WF726A Positioning Module for Incremental Encoders

Ethernet Modules

  • 2XV9-450-1AU00 -   TCP/IP Ethernet With RFC1006
  • 6GK1143-0AA01    -   SINEC H1 CP143 TF Interface Module Ethernet with AP/TF Protocol


  • ES5256-3AA11    -    Siemens DIMOS 256 Graphics Card
  • 6ES5243-1AA11    -    Siemens S5 High Speed Analog Input Module
  • 6ES5247-4UA41    -    Siemens S5 Stepper Positioning Modul