Automated Control Systems

Industrial Automation and System Integration

At LT Software Solutions, Inc. (LTSS) we have been developing, converting and improving the performance of PLC based automation systems for over 30 years, gaining widespread integration knowledge and experience, especially with Siemens® and Allen Bradley® PLCs.  We also have extensive experience with other US and international PLC control and batching products.  At LT Software, we understand automation and what it takes to successfully complete your project.


Simple, Value-Added Savings - Project Formula

    • Identify Project Timeline up front - At 1st Meeting
    • Project Requirements - At 1st Meeting
    •  Project Budget - Discuss Special Requirements
    •  Provide Detailed Technical Proposals (For a Planned Result)
    •  Software Development (Standards & Experienced)
    • Simulate Process / In-House testing (Debug Before)
    •  Ready for On-Site Start-Up