Our Object Technology Differentiator

Why LTSS uses an Object Oriented Software Model

  • Shortens Development time by as much as 80%
  • CPU Scan Time is Shortened by as much as 50%
  • Decreases Entry Errors to near 0
  • All objects are Proven so there is no Core Trouble Shooting at Startup
  • HMI “hooks” are Fully Populated (RSView, WinCC, WinCC Flex, Wonderware)
  • Objects are available and Operate the Same across multiple Platforms (AB, Siemens, etc)
  • LTSS Objects are all Self Documenting 
  • How Did LTSS Develop This Technology

We realized early on that Motors, Valves, and Analog Control Loops all basically function in the same manner irrespective of their area of application.  So we started with a very robust library of control functions that were implemented directly from Ladder Logic.  Through the development of each project these functions grew in capability and complexity.

As our projects increased in size and complexity it became very cumbersome and time consuming to manually program each Valve, Motor, or Analog Control Loop and this process was also very prone to entry errors.

Our next step in the evolution of our technology was to convert our proven control functions to PLC based objects that operate as background tasks that no longer require Ladder logic support.  This new approach can be thought of as a "Molecular Approach to Industrial Problem Solving"sm.  We use our Object based building blocks (Our molecules) to construct very simple solutions to very complex Industrial Automation Tasks.

Generally with nothing more than a list of control points our approach gives us the ability to produce a 90% solution in hours instead of days or weeks.  With an I/O list and the press of one single button we create the equivalent of 60,000 lines of code.