PLC Integration Experts

Our experienced programmers integrate and upgrade PLC Controls in a variety of industries.  We are equipped with the knowledge to understand and optimize your process.  LTSS specializes in providing Automation Technology and seamless conversions between Programmable Logic Controller types.  Our experience includes: converting PLC Controls such as Siemens S5 PLCs to Siemens S7 PLCs, as well as converting Siemens PLCs to Allen Bradley PLCs  converting GE, Modicon, Mitsubishi and Omron PLCs and operator panels to Allen Bradley and Siemens.

Our PLC integration team is not only experienced, but some of our certifications include: Siemens Solution Partner Best Practices, UL508, Avetta and Wonderware System Integration.

As PLCs continue to improve and platform and generational changes occur,  your PLCs become obsolete.  You will find it becomes more and more difficult to locate replacement parts and technical support or competency for older PLCs. Our integration services, and vast knowledge and experience will help you improve performance with the batching products you need to optimize your processes.