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LTSS will make your automation problems go away!

L T Software Solutions, Inc. (LTSS) specializes in providing individual machine control and plant wide automation solutions based on Siemens and Rockwell PLCs and HMI Systems.  LTSS can assist you with all aspects of your project ranging from the design, programming, implementation, and start-up of individual machine controls or plant wide process control systems.

LTSS focuses on the implementation of control systems using structured PLC and HMI programming environments such as Siemens’ TIA Portal, STEP 7, WinCC, and Rockwell / Allen-Bradley’s ControlLogix, RSLogix, RSView 32, RSView SE, and RSView ME.

LTSS is a US corporation with more than 100 years of Automation Experience in house, dedicated to providing comprehensive, integrated solutions to today’s complex automation requirements.  LTSS can provide the correct solutions for your needs.

LTSS Designs & Implements:

LTSS Provides the Following Services:

  • Discrete Manufacturing Systems
  • HMI / Host Systems
  • High Voltage AC & DC Switch Gear / Breaker Control
  • Process Control Systems
  • Remote Telemetry units (RTUs)
  • Plantwide Networks (Local & Remote)
  • Software Design & System integration
  • Project Management
  • Troubleshooting of Existing Installations
  • Engineering Support
  • Commissioning and Training
  • System Upgrades & conversions
  • OEM Retrofits
  • System Review and Updates


LTSS provides PLC / Graphics based marine solutions for vessels ranging in size from 60 meter pleasure yachts to nuclear powered aircraft carriers.  Our proven applications include Tank Level Control & Fuels Totalization, List Control, AFFF Control, Machinery Control, Vessel Integrity, Fire Systems, EOT / POT, and Diesel or Steam Propulsion Systems.

  • CVN68 (USS Nimitz – JP5 Fuels)
  • CV67 (USS Kennedy – Heavy Fuels)
  • Tarago (HVAC & Fire Dampers)
  • Valkyrie (Shore Power System)
  • M/Y Martha E (Vessel Control System
  • CVN Class Propulsion Control
  • Washington St. Ferries (HVAC & Fire Dampers)
  • M/Y Horizon (Control System)
  • Armada de Mexico (Propulsion Control)
  • M/Y Intent (Vessel Monitoring System)
  • M/Y Off-Line (Vessel Monitoring System)

Transportation & Communications

LTSS provides PLC based control and monitoring systems for high and medium voltage AC/DC switch gear used in commuter light rail systems.  LTSS also supplies SCADA and Remote Telemetry units for light rail systems.

  •  Tren Urbano (High Voltage AC Rail)
  • Tren Urbano (High Voltage DC Rail)
  • SouthWest Corridor (High Voltage DC OCS Rail)
  • Platte Valley (High Voltage DC OCS Rail)
  • Tren Urbano (Passenger Train RTU system)
  • Chevron Oil Pipeline


Food Beverage & Process Control

LTSS provides PLC and SCADA based process control systems for high-speed plant wide control.  We have extensive experience with beverage brewing, fermenting, bottling, and packaging.  Our Process control applications include extensive PID control, Predictive Ramp/Soak profiling and Thin Film dancer control.

  • Spokane (Wood Chip Handling)
  • Spokane (High Speed Newsprint Wrap)
  • Denver (High Speed Film Production)
  • Seattle (Plant Wide Brewery Control)
  • Portsmouth (High Speed Packaging)
  • San Jose (Robotic Wafer handling)
  • Chelmsford (Multi-Axis Robotic System)
  • Stratham (Plant Wide Control Systems)
  • Spokane (Automated Newsprint Re-Wrap)
  • Spokane (Newsprint Paper Production)
  • San Jose (Vapor Deposition System)
  • Portsmouth (Plant Wide Brewery Control)
  • Boston (Plant Wide Brewery Control)
  • Boston (Proton Beam Control for Cancer Treatment)
  • China (Centrifugal Yeast Separator)
  • San Jose (Gallium Arsenide Vapor Deposition)
  • Belgium (Irradiation Control System)

LT Software Solutions, Inc. (LTSS) is a Control System Integrator in Portsmouth, New Hampshire that specializes in providing individual machine control and plant wide automation solutions based on Siemens PLCs and HMI Systems.  LTSS can assist you with all aspects of your project ranging from the design, programming, implementing, and start-up of individual machine controls or plant-wide process control systems.

www.LTSoftware.com  (603) 431-5877  scarter@ltsoftware.com

Stephen Carter